You can never have too much coffee. A new traveling coffee truck is gearing up to hit the streets in Twin Falls and it is so close you can almost smell the brew. Mocha N Motion is working on bringing the coffee shop to you.

Barring any complications, Mocha N Motion will be on the road November 11th. The new owners purchased it from John Kelley who opened up the truck back in 2010. Now they are hoping to build the business and make it even better.

Businesses who are interested in having on site coffee made can contact Mocha N Motion. It can be a regular visit or for certain events. They are hoping to find businesses that are wanting them to come by on a regular basis to make coffee for multiple employees at one business stop.

They are really hoping to be able to, more often, serve as many people in the community as possible. In a way it is almost like an ice cream truck, but for coffee and instead of going around parks and neighborhoods to drum up business, they will be parking at different businesses and you can walk up to their window.

They will be visiting businesses Monday through Friday and accepting requests for public events and appearances on Saturdays. You can read more about them on their Facebook page. Right now they do not have a menu up that I can find so I am not really sure if they will be selling bagels or pastries. We will eagerly await for the opportunity to give them a try.

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