A new petition is going around to make race and ethnicity classes required when you attend Bringham Young University Idaho. The petition is looking for 25 thousand signatures. As of Monday morning they have a little over 18 thousand.

According to the petition, they want to make these classes required in order to graduate. I don't find it that surprising. When I was in college I was required to take a women's study class and ethnic literature classes.

The petition states that BYU had a panel of African immigrants and the struggles they faced and apparently when it was open for comment some people decided to submit racist comments rather that ask the panel questions.

That lead to them trying to get these classes on the list of required courses to try to help educate those people. BYU Idaho currently offers sociology classes in ethnicity and race but it is optional for a general education course. If you are interested in reading more about the petition and read more about students recalling incidents where they were being discriminated or harassed you can click here or go to change.org.

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