Apple announced two new iPhones today. I can't really seem to care.

I am one of the biggest Apple fans. I think the company that Steve Jobs built is a testament to creativity, perseverance, and imagination. But Apple seems to have lost its way in recent years and even I'm bored with the hype machine.

Apple announced two (sort of) new iPhones today: the iPhone 5S, and the iPhone 5C. The 5S is basically the iPhone 5 with a spec bump--better processors, fingerprint scanner--and the 5C is identical to the iPhone 5 save for the plastic, colored case it's housed in.

Is that really innovation or is that just altering a pre-existing product slightly so that everyone has to buy it again?

It's like what Apple did to the iPad 3: the 3rd generation iPad was the first with a true Retina HD display, but Apple cut its life short and introduced the iPad 4 with the new standard Lightning Connector. You know, so everyone would have to purchase new cables, docks, and chargers with their new iPad.

When Steve Jobs was at the helm of Apple, he didn't tolerate leaks or mistakes. He held the company to a higher standard and kept Apple innovating. Since we lost him Apple has grown stale. Tech sites like Gizmodo have known exactly what the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C have looked like for 6 months. That wouldn't have happened under Jobs reign.

It feels like Apple has lost their magic.

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