The much anticipated Chinese restaurant near Walmart in Twin Falls is getting ready to open and we may be counting down the hours until it does. 

The new Chinese restaurant called Hong Kong will be on 163 Cheney Drive across the street from Walmart and it is opening Wednesday, August 14th according to their affiliated restaurant's Facebook page.

Apparently, the owners of Hong Kong also have a Chinese Restaurant called New China House Restaurant in Gooding and has some pretty good reviews. Twin Falls has a few options for Chinese restaurants and it will be nice to have another option.

When it comes to Chinese food I have to say I haven't tried all of the options we have. I have had Peking, Wok N Grill and that is about it. I have heard really good things about Loong Hing and New China Buffet.

I have to admit I am pretty excited. Which one of our current Chinese restaurants is your favorite?

I have a feeling if restaurant openings trend the way they have since I moved here, that I won't be able to really go check out the restaurant for the first few weeks or months that it is open because it could be completely packed. Not really sure. However, I am really excited. It is technically on the other side of town from where I live but it will be worth the whole 10-minute drive if it means I can get some high-quality orange chicken or General Tso's chicken.

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