One of the best days of the year. It is National Cheeseburger Day and we want to know where in Twin Falls you are going to go to celebrate.

Yes, we do this every year, but every year there are new options and some restaurant could come out of nowhere with the best burger ever. We want to know which one is the best.

I seriously love cheeseburgers. There isn't a place in town that I have had a bad cheeseburger, that I can remember anyway. I had one at Canyon Crest over the weekend and I have to say it was pretty amazing. You can always tell when a burger is fresh and hand pressed.

I didn't put all the fast food chains on there because I feel like that just takes up too much space and let's be honest, fast food burgers could never compete with local and fresh places to eat. Fast food is good for what it is, but they don't usually have gourmet burgers. We are talking cream of the crop, best burger in town, best burger you ever ate food.

If you are looking for some great deals to celebrate today, you can get a classic bacon cheeseburger from Applebees and endless fries for $6.99, a cheeseburger for 59 cents with a mobile order at Burger King, a free burger with any app purchase at Jack in the Box as well. For more deals click here.

Some locally owned places are celebrating too. Abracadabra's is offering their burgers and garlic Parmesan fries for 25% off.

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