Last week a fire broke out near Shoshone called the Drops Fire. It started July 31st and was fully controlled by August 4th. It burned nearly 4 thousand acres. A birds eye view shows the aftermath of the fire.

Tommy Warnke gave us permission to use his drone footage of the aftermath of the Drops Fire that burned near Shoshone. The video was recorded on Thursday, August 6th and it shows just how devastating it left the land.

It also shows just how much 4 thousand acres of land is. Sure it isn't as large as some fires but this video really puts it into perspective. You can see so much from 400 feet in the air and from a birds eye view.

We are in the peak of fire season so just make sure you take extra precautions when you go camping or head out into the wilderness. Many fires are caused by forced out of our control like lightning and other weather conditions.

It has not been said what caused this fire but we are so thankful the BLM was able to get it contained and under control without the loss of any structures. It was threatening roads and structured while it was burning and being pushed by the winds.

Stay safe out there and be mindful of the little things you can do to prevent fires.

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