Southern Idaho's biggest boat race is underway on the Snake River in the city of Burley. Dozens of incredibly powerful racing boats can be seen and heard by fans as the racers prepare for competition on June 27 and 28.

Friday, June 26, I had the opportunity to walk through the pit on the first race day of the 2020 Idaho Regatta. After signing a waiver that basically said it's my problem to deal with should I become infected by the Coronavirus while attending the event, I proceeded to make my way toward the docks where the racers enter and exit the water.

boat 1 pit 1
Greg Jannetta - Pit photo 1
boat 5 pit
Greg Jannetta - Pit photo 2
boat 7 pit
Greg Jannetta - Pit photo 3
boat 2 engine 1
Greg Jannetta - Pit photo 4

The races are held right next to the River's Edge Golf Club At Burley, at 131 East Highway 81. I was told that 72 boats were entered into this year's races. I arrived Friday at 4:15 p.m. while the Vintage Jet Class races were taking place. Some vendors and boat teams were still in the process of setting up for the weekend's qualifying and finals races.

boat 11 action 3
Greg Jannetta

Saturday's (June 27) events include qualifying heats from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., swim breaks, the Flatbottom Grand Prix Shootout and heat finals. Sunday will include the annual awards banquet following another full day of races. For the complete schedule of the 2020 Idaho Regatta, click here.

Idaho Regatta

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