TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-A series of meetings held across the state on the rising problem of methamphetamine and fentanyl use wrapped up in the Magic Valley Wednesday with testimony from local prosecutors, caseworkers, law enforcement, and the public. Gov. Brad Little and a panel of state legislators, city leaders, and a tribal chairman that make up the Citizen Action Group sat and listened to testimony from those on the frontlines dealing with the growing problem of illicit drug use, specifically meth and fentanyl; most of the testimony focused on the alarming rise of fentanyl use. The meetings were held across the state as part of the governor's "Operation Esto Perpetua" initiative aimed at heading off one of the deadliest drugs to hit the Gem State. Most in attendance at the roundtable discussion were local prosecutors and law enforcement, with some of the general public in attendance. In nearly every testimony given during the meeting, one fact resonated; fentanyl is killing people. Every law enforcement agency that shared their input said they've had to deal with more than one overdose death in the last month because of fentanyl. The testimony given during all of the meetings held around the state will be given to the Law Enforcement Panel to come up with solutions to deal with the meth/fentanyl issue. KLIX News Radio will have more on the testimony given soon.

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