Alright, Alright. Idaho is no stranger to visits from celebrities, but there's a new Hollywood actor showing love to Idaho.

Matthew McConaughey And The Grit & Greenlights YouTube Series

Matthew McConaughey has been featured in a few videos on the Homebase YouTube channel in a video series titled 'Grit & Greenlights'. In the videos McConaughey talks with owners of small businesses to share their stories and experiences.

In two recent videos, McConaughey interviewed the owner of a roofing company here in Southern Idaho. The videos are true feel-good videos. Between the sincerity of McConaughey and the gospel driven platform of the Idaho business, you can't help but be happy watching the videos.

In the first video we learn that the small business Omega Roofing out of Rupert, ID had a goal to help someone in need every year and to treat each client as if they were family.

In the second video you get to hear how Omega Roofing was formed and why the owners decided to start their own business.

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