There are plenty of chances to fail at a New Year's Resolution. Why bother making one at all if over 80% fail in the first month? Living healthier is always a plus. Improving things in your own life financially is always a good goal. Being more kind and compassionate is important as well.

With those things in mind, what are some resolutions in Idaho that you can make? A resolution needs to be specific. You can’t make an intricate tattoo with a drill bit. Pinpoint something exact that gets you to a healthier, wealthier, or happier you.

New Year's Resolutions for a Better Idaho

Make a Resolution You Can Stick to This Year

Most Popular Types of Resolutions for the New Year

Increasing compassion by volunteering is a great way to improve yourself. Working at the animal shelter even once a month or driving to deliver meals to the elderly might change your outlook on your own life.

Social aspects are very important to your outlook on life. Try a new activity and make a point to meet new people. It can lead to going out on dates or finding a new group of friends with a newfound interest.

Getting a new job or at least asking for a raise is important. Update your resume and start actively looking for new employment because new jobs rarely chase after you. Make a plan for what to say to your manager before making an appointment to speak to them about a raise. Write things down if it will help with maintaining that resolve.

Getting healthier is always popular. Don’t make vague goals of just losing weight, quitting smoking or drinking, or getting a membership at a gym. Make a plan for steps to get to the ultimate goal. Each step accomplished will build your confidence and determination to achieve the next one.

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A resolution is a promise to yourself of something you want in your life. Don’t fret if you have a hiccup. Endeavor to do better and keep going forward.

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