People around the world participate in activities that are dependent on one very important winter factor, snow. Without snow, there would be no need for snowmobiles, snowcats, skis, snowboards, sleds, or tubes. Without snow, there would be no snow forts, snowball fights, or snow days off from school. We must all do whatever we can to help make the snow happen.

Luckily, there is a chance to do that on December 1st and 2nd. The Magic Valley has a chance to call in the big guns with two pray-for-snow parties. Now, exactly to whom these prayers are to be sent is a bit vague. Whomever you deem appropriate to contact in a request for snow this year should be contacted.

If You Love the Winter, Snow Should Be In Your Prayers

On December 1st at 6 PM, the Snow Party kicks off at the 208 Bar & Grill. There are giveaways, a bonfire, and live music from Shenanigans.

If you can't do Friday, or if you need to appeal to more snow gods on a 2nd night just to cover all the bases, go for the party on Saturday the 2nd at Soldier Mountain starting at 5 PM. They’ll have bonfires, music with Colt Angell, games, and a cash bar. This is a chance to get free food with baked potatoes, chili, and extras from Falls Brand. If you go to Soldier Mountain’s shindig on Saturday, there is even a chance to get season passes for a $50 discount.

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Support the Idaho winter economy. It’s your duty to your fellow Idahoans to pray to whomever you deem necessary to get the snow falling. What if, by your neglect, the snow didn’t fall? You wouldn’t want to be responsible for ruining the livelihoods and fun of tens of thousands of people in Idaho, would you?

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