Some people never learn to drive, much less own a car. Big cities have plenty of options for commuting, and residents don’t ever feel the need to drive. In Idaho, there just aren’t many options to get around outside of the biggest cities. Most people in Idaho have a license to drive, and at least one car per household.

Buying your first car can be exciting and scary. There are many things to think about when the time comes to step into the world of ownership. Do you want something for offroad, or in town? Are you going to buy outright, or make payments? Are you buying new, or used? One thing new car owners rarely think about in the beginning is insurance.

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You have to have it. Well, you have to have it unless you live in Virginia or parts of Alaska. Insurance can be the bane to the car ownership experience, but there it is. It sits there, menacingly. Insurance payments can be higher than car payments depending on where you live, what you are driving, your age, and other factors.

Insurance Average by State
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For full coverage of that car you financed, Idaho is one of the best places to live. The average cost per year to insure your car is $1,069 in Idaho, that’s the 4th lowest in the nation. You may want to slow your roll on moving to Michigan. Insurance there is the highest at $3,785 per year. That is just over $315 per month just for insurance.

If you bought your car in full and don’t want to bother with all the bells, whistles, and protection of full coverage, Idaho is still a great place to be. Down from 4th to 5th place, Idaho residents spend an average of $328 per year on minimum liability car insurance.

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