Here's a company that understands the weird things we like to watch on TV. I mean, if you think about the idea of us watching unsolved and true crime dramas it's a pretty weird and mildly morbid habit. We don't like it when crime happens, yet we love watching the stories of true crimes from the safety of our homes. MagellanTV is the streaming service cashing in on our disturbing love of criminal tales. They are looking to find three people who can dedicate 24 hours to binge watching true crime TV shows.

They did a similar stunt last year, but it was only for one person. This year there will be three people chosen and paid $100 per hour each for their TV viewing time. That comes out to $2,400 for the 24 hours of couch time. That's not a bad deal. I sit on my couch and watch these shows without getting paid almost every day anyways.

If you think you can do a 24 hour binge marathon in 48 hours and love true crime shows, apply on the MagellanTV website. I've watched a lot of true crime shows lately (I even just wrote about some of them a day ago) but their list of crime mysteries is loaded with episodes I've never seen or heard of.

You can watch five-minute previews of each episode with the links above.

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