Over the past couple of weeks when I get up early in the morning, I have heard some strangely loud noises that I haven't heard before. And it has been consistent over the last few weeks. Anyone else notice?

Loud Noises Early In The Morning In Twin Falls

Between 4 am and 5:30 am each weekday morning I have heard some really loud banging noises. It almost sounds like the banging of a giant dumpster being shut or moved around. That is what I wrote it off to, but it has been happening consistently, every day, multiple times in the morning. Right after that there has been popping bangs like fireworks or gun shots.

What Are These Noises And Where Are They Coming From?

I don't think this is as mysterious as the booms that happen from time to time here. It definitely isn't the booms. I live over by Morningside Elementary School to give you an idea where I have been hearing it. I thought maybe Chobani? But I have never heard it before. I thought maybe it was schools getting things cleared out, but again, it happened over the last several weeks.

Banging Noises And Popping Noises

Like I said, it sounds like giant dumpsters but, it seemed too consistent for that to be the case. The popping sounded like fireworks but I never saw any, and they were too erratic and I didn't see any light in the sky. The lack of sirens and consistency leads me to believe it is not gun shots. Am I crazy? Is anyone else hearing them early in the morning?

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