There are a few businesses set to open in Twin Falls, hopefully this year. Which one are you most looking forward to?

As far as locally owned, Koto Brewing Co Downtown Twin Falls is making some pretty big strides in getting their doors open. They have a new sign up and construction going on all the time. Definitely looking forward to see this project completed.

Downtown Commons, technically not a business, but still something to look forward to having completed. Revitalizing Downtown Twin Falls has been a huge project and we are looking forward to enjoying the final product.

The much anticipated Olive Garden should be opening this fall. Everyone seems to be super excited about that! The endless soup, salad and bread sticks are headed our way. Their are signs and construction, they can't change their minds now.

Carl's Jr is under construction on Blue Lakes Blvd. I am not sure we need another burger joint but hey, it is always good to have new business coming in.

Hobby Lobby and Home Goods are also headed our way. It isn't food so I am personally not nearly as excited about them but I have heard they have some great products.

Which one are you most excited for?

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