One of my favorite Christmas events each year returns. The Living Nativity of Twin Falls has announced the dates it will be running this year. Celebrate the real reason for the season!

Twin Falls Living Nativity Returns

The living nativity will be on December 15th, December 16th, and December 17th. Each night the nativity will go from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. You can visit Bethlehem at 1267 Madrona Street North. There are actors playing the roles of all the people in the Bible. There are also live animals you can interact with. They even have a camel. At least they did in years past and I don't see why it wouldn't return this year.

What You Should Know About The Living Nativity

Technically, entrance is free but they do ask that you bring a canned food donation. All the canned food will be distributed to local food pantries. It is also a walking activity. You will walk through the experience with hot chocolate in your hands, lights, and interaction. If you cannot walk, you can still experience it by driving along Galena Drive. It can be cold so make sure you are all bundled up and prepared for any weather.

If You Want To Participate

They are looking for Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus for Friday, December 16th. Joseph must be fully bearded and the baby usually works best if it was born around October or November. Don't worry, the area is warm so your baby will be good to go. You can follow them on social media to get more information on how to participate

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