I remember when my mom used to lie to me so I would eat stuff I didn't like.  She's say things like, "It'll make you grow up to be big, like your father."  And I bought it because I was little and at that age, size is all a matter of perspective.  I didn't understand until much later that my dad was 5'11"... basically, average by most standards.

Apparently lying to your children is a time-honored tradition parents still use

Here are four MYTHS parents tell their kids to get them to eat specific foods . . .

31% of parents tell their kids that eating the crusts on their bread will give them curly hair.

29% tell their kids that milk will make them strong.  And sure, milk is good for you, but just chugging milk while you sit on the couch playing video games won't make anyone strong.

25% tell their kids eating carrots will help them see in the dark.

And 11% tell their kids that POPEYE is real . . . and eating spinach makes you strong.

What are some lies you tell your kids to get them to eat up?

Daily Mail