It is hard to be home, not work, get out of our every day routine. The kids are out of school right now, you can't get out and about for entertainment. So these are the most common lies I have heard myself and others saying.


  • 1

    It's fine that I don't know what day it is

    The only reason it is fine for now is because we are at the start of the isolation period. Closer to the 21 day mark you are going to want to remember so you can finally get back to normal and get the kids to school.

  • 2

    Having a drink at noon is fine

    You're home anyway, definitely shouldn't be driving anywhere. Maybe a bloody Mary or a mimosa will brighten your day.

  • 3

    I am going to get fit

    This is the perfect time for us to start our home work outs and get strong. Summer body here we come, we finally have the time to do some cardio and get in shape. But instead we will binge watch The Walking Dead and eat our Corona snacks.

  • 4

    I'm hungry

    Chances are, you're just bored. I am so guilty of this. Yes I just had a bowl of macaroni, some chips, a banana and 4 hotdogs in the last 3 hours but I am most definitely hungry.

  • 5

    I will do that tomorrow

    Let's be real, we do this to ourselves every day. Procrastination is a real weakness of mine.

  • 6

    Just one more episode

    Sure you say that, then before you know it it's 3 in the morning you have Cheetos stains on your shirt and you panic that you have to work tomorrow. Oh wait, you don't. Binge on

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