It's not hard to confuse me. If they ever put roundabouts on the streets of Twin Falls, I will be lost forever. That's why a new video featuring drones and paddleboards at Dierkes Lake is both awesome and mysterious to me.

First, let me say that idahoblaster has done some great YouTube videos. The videos they captured at the Payette River and at Fairfield are a couple of my favorites.

This one starts out with a drone documenting what is obviously a very fun paddleboard experience over the Father's Day weekend a couple weeks ago.

Then, about halfway through the video at around the 1:17 mark, the drone starts ignoring the paddleboarders and takes off capturing some of the best views of that part of the canyon I've ever seen. Check this out.

idahoblaster via YouTube
idahoblaster via YouTube

Sweet. Oh, and one other thing. The video is totally silent. No music. No water sounds. It's a little awkward.

I love drone videos. I love Dierkes Lake and I appreciate awkwardness. So, this is a win all the way around.

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