It is said to be one of the most inefficient time of the year for some businesses, employees are consumed by March Madness and their brackets.

Yesterday, the bracket was officially set on Selection Sunday, and now people are flocking to different sites to fill them out. And why wouldn't you? With Warren Buffet challenging people to compose a perfect bracket for a billion dollars with no financial investment; there is nothing to lose.  The Warren Buffet has changed over the years, for the details this year and how to enter to win click here 

The challenge has prompted other businesses to get in on the action. So, it begs the question, are businesses allowing their employees to technically waste their time and follow it for financial incentive?

But honestly, the bottom line is, even if you don't like NCAA basketball, a five minute bracket gives you a shot at a lot of money. The odds are about 1 in 128 billion, but it's worth five minutes.

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