Labor Day is considered the final holiday of the Summer. The Twin Falls County Fair is winding down, it's the final day of a three day weekend, and most kids go back to school tomorrow.

Before we light the fires, gather our friends and family, and get our "grill on" one last time before summer is over, let's check out some grilling statistics.

Labor Day is considered one of the big three grilling holidays, with the other two being Memorial Day and Independence Day. 45% of Americans barbecue on these three holidays alone. A recent survey finds that roughly 60% of American households own a grill, and 35% of the Grill Masters are now the lady of the house--that's up 6% over the past few years.

But grilling isn't without danger. According to, there were 3,448 people treated in the emergency room in 2006 for grilling related injuries. That's up from 3,086 in 2005. Men are most likely than women to be injured, but kids under the age of 9 were most at risk.

That's a lot of numbers. I think we need to wash them down with a cool one and maybe some barbecued chicken. Happy Labor Day and good grilling!

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