Not everything at the county fair is for everyone. For some people, nothing at the fair is for them. But if you want to tackle your fear, it should be named. Take away its power over your feelings!!!! If you are going to attend the fair, you need to know what you're up against.

You'll be at the fairgrounds, so the fear of being outside: agoraphobia. There's plenty of dirt and germs for those with germophobia. Nothing there would run without electricity, so those with electrophobia beware. Lots of big trees out there to help you harness your dendrobhobia. Have to get from one place to another? Ambulophobia will inhibit that with a fear of walking.

You may ride at the carnival and tackle your fear of heights: acrophobia. Those rides can twist and turn helping you face the fear of vomiting: emetophobia. Sitting all close and snuggly in the seats: claustrophobia. There are many people with balloons you may have to encounter and face globophobia.

You'll see clowns - coulrophobia. And clowns are at a rodeo. Well there's a petting zoo, 4H competitions and a rodeo at the fair. Hippophobia is a fear of horses. Bovinophobia? Yep, fear of cows. And don't leave out ovinophobia: fear of sheep, alektrophobia: fear of chickens, leporiphobia: fear of rabbits, swinophobia: fear of pigs. Beware,and be brave. The following video of the Magic Valley Stampede includes many of these things!

The Fido 500 goes on this week. Confront your cynophobia. DangerMagik will assist in your confrontation of rhabdophobia - fear of magic. Willy's Washboard Jamboree and the Old Dominion concert during the fair will met you up with melophobia. There is a new building for the model trains. Siderodromophobia is almost as long as the model trains that run.

And finally, FOOD! Cibophobia is not something I have to deal with, but let's look at specifics. Anapsytikophobia is the fear of soda. Carnophobia is a fear of meat. Pagotophobia is a fear of ice cream. Turophobia is a fear of cheese. One of our guys here has this (or will claim he does after I name it) lachanophobia is a fear of vegetables. Mortuusequusphobia is a fear of ketchup. And eat everything on a stick if you have brumotactillophobia - a fear of food touching.

That's only the surface, but it should get you on the right path to becoming a stronger fair attendee. Knowledge is power!

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