Kelsea Ballerini unveiled a brand-new song during a Wednesday night (Feb. 19) event at the 2020 Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, Tenn. The country star debuted her first-ever drinking song, as she described it, at Country Heat, an Amazon Music-sponsored event for country radio programmers and industry members.

Ballerini did not share the song’s name, though its chorus offers a potential title: “Hole in the Bottle.” There’s a hole in the bottle / Leakin’ all this wine / It’s already empty, it ain’t even suppertime,” Ballerini sings in the song’s chorus. “No, I don’t miss him / In fact, it slipped my mind / There’s a hole in the bottle of wine.”

Ballerini’s new drinking song is upbeat, slightly silly and just a bit twangy yet poppy; readers can press play above to watch her live debut of the track. The song’s protagonist is nursing a heartache, but she’s pragmatically determined to stay positive: “I won’t cry ‘bout love gone wrong / ‘Cause tears will water down this ruby red I’m sippin’ on,” Ballerini sings in the song’s second verse.

This new Ballerini song is the fourth one she’s shared from her forthcoming third studio album, Kelsea. She dropped "Homecoming Queen?", the first single from the project, in September, and has also shared "Club," a mid-tempo anthem for all those who have more fun staying in than going out, and “LA,” which she calls “the most vulnerable thing I’ve publicly shared.”

The studio version of Ballerini’s new drinking song, she shared on her Instagram Stories, will be released on Feb. 20. Kelsea, meanwhile, is due out on March 20.

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