The OMS Track Project committee has begun a million penny drive to begin the fundraising necessary to redo the Vera c. O’Leary Middle School track.  As a part of that fundraising effort two projects are slated for September.

Mobile Device

When: Friday, September 30 from 3:30 to 5:30 PM
OMS students, parents, staff and friends are asked to walk, jog, or run a mile on our track.   They will be organizing games and serving food to make this a fun event.
During the past year several people have donated their time, talents and energy to get us to this point.  During this event we will be recognizing the generous gift that these people have provided: Erik Powell (Brockway Engineering), Pat Ferrell (CSI),  Jerry Kleinkopf, and Dale Riedesel.

Primetime Penny Jar Decoration Contest
Each PT was given a jar to collect pennies each month.  The PT whose jar is voted the best decorated will receive a PTSO breakfast.  The jars are used to collect pennies from the students each month.  PT with the most pennies/money each month wins a PTSO sponsored breakfast.
The best decorated jug will be on display for voting at the Walk A Mile on Our Track event.  People will vote by donating money to the jug of their choice.  One penny equals one vote.  Winner also gets PTSO breakfast.