Are You the Next Morning Show Co-host at 95-7 KEZJ?

If you’re a creative type who is tired of punching the 9 to 5 in a mind-numbing grind, read on to see if we just might be what you’re looking for.  Have you ever been told you're the life of the party? Do you relish engaging with people, making new friends, and sharing your stories? What if you could get paid to do just that?

If this sounds like you, you might be the perfect addition to our morning show team at 95-7 KEZJ in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Job FAQs: Is This Opportunity Right for You?

1. Is experience necessary?
While experience is beneficial, it’s by no means a dealbreaker. Our highest priority is finding the right personality and we are eager to help someone start their multi-media and broadcast career. The ideal candidate is a compelling storyteller, passionate about talking and writing about their life and experiences in Idaho and the greater Twin Falls area. Don’t worry; if you’re a good fit, we’ll provide all the necessary training.

2. What does the schedule look like?
This job is ideal for those who prefer their afternoons free. It’s an early morning role, typically wrapping up by 2 PM. We offer a flexible working environment, including a mix of in-studio and possible remote duties, catering to a hybrid schedule for the right candidate. While there are some seasonal and shared weekend responsibilities, these come with additional compensation and are not a regular occurrence. (Promise: You'll have plenty of downtime and free weekends).

3. How about the pay?
Compensation is based on your experience and skills, and it’s tailored to each candidate's unique situation. Whether you're a seasoned professional or have less experience but a great fit personality-wise, we have a salary range to accommodate. This is a full-time position that includes medical, dental, and paid time off.

4. How can I tell if I’m the right fit?
Living in or near Twin Falls gives you a distinct advantage. We encourage you to visit our station, talk with us, sit in on the show, or even guest host to see if it feels right. Think of it as a two-way interview where you get a real feel for the job.

Interested? Here’s What To Do Next

Getting in touch is simple. Email us at or to arrange a call, sit-in, or guest-hosting session. We're here to answer any questions and help you discover if this is the right opportunity for you.

Job application and information can be found here on our careers page.

Join us and start your day by energizing others with your voice on 95-7 KEZJ!

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