It has been a long nearly 10 days for Jakers regulars, but good news! They are officially opening back up for business after some maintenance on Thursday.

They were originally hoping to open up Wednesday for dinner but they hit a few hiccups in their maintenance and had to push it to Thursday at 11 a.m. which really isn't bad news.

They did maintenance on the flooring and kitchen so that is going to make things better. Their menu will officially come back and you can go enjoy a nice steak, some pretty delicious appetizers and happy hour come Thursday. Just in time for the weekend.

We know some people didn't realize why it was closed or that it was even closed, so good news you can make plans to head in! I seriously can't get enough of those dragon tails! I might have to go in just for that. Do you think they are going to get slammed when they re-open or it is going to be a lull?

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