Grilling season is back in Idaho! With Memorial Day drawing nearer and droves of Gem State campers and picnickers booking favorite weekend spots, it's just a matter of time before our vegetarian friends approach us with their plant-based patties to grill up. One YouTuber has a great recipe for fooling our non-meat-eating pals and family members and perhaps converting them back to beef.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with people who choose to eat healthier by cutting out meat products. I have been known to eat veggie burgers on occasion, but I'm not a vegetarian. I eat chicken, turkey, and fish on just about a weekly basis and have bailed on beef in recent years.

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I used to be the guy who packed my own veggie burger patties for weekend trips with family and friends. I actually think some brands are pretty damn tasty. Nowadays, barbeque chicken burgers are my primary go-to on camping trips.

I came across a humorous video on YouTube posted by a guy who has been sabotaging his wife's veggie patties by adding a delicious ingredient most of us have had ourselves. When his wife isn't paying attention, he slathers a certain substance found within animal bones over her patty and covers it with cheese. That's right, a bone marrow veggie burger, and it looks incredible.

This secret sauce could get a person in hot water with their rice or plant patty-loving pals and spouses, but it would make for a telling experiment. Bon(e) appetit!

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