Sometimes, you may feel like you need to just not be in your house for a few days, but then you realize you still have a job and a family so you can’t actually leave town. I’ve been tempted a few times to rent an Airbnb so that I have a change of scenery and can still get the things done that I need to.

One of my favorite houses that sold in Twin Falls last year is now an Airbnb and I want to rent it just so I can say that I stayed there. I wrote about the house last year in April when it had been up for sale for a few months. At that time I wondered if anyone would buy it due to the odd shape of the building. It has a flat roof and rounded walls but the updates inside are undeniably beautiful. Check it out in the gallery and get the Airbnb rental details below.

Unique Home In Twin Falls with a Flat Roof and Curved Walls

I’ve been meaning to write about this beautiful house in Twin Falls for more than a month. When I first saw it posted for sale in 2022 I went through the pictures quite a few times. It is now an Airbnb rental. The place is beautiful and the location appears to be great, but there was something about it that seemed odd. I think I finally figured out what has been bugging me.

Super Unique Twin Falls Home Is Now An Airbnb Rental

The house, which is conveniently located right across the street from a McDonald’s restaurant, has 2 listings on Airbnb. With one of the rental options, you get only the upstairs area which includes 3 bedrooms, 6 beds, and 2 bathrooms with space for 10 people. That one rents for $185 a night depending on the dates. The second listing includes the entire house with the basement and room for more than 16 guests. With the addition of the basement space, you get 6 bedrooms, 9 beds, and 3 bathrooms plus an extra kitchen. The full house rents for $392 per night.

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I checked the house for availability over a few dates and it does look like the host offers a discount of about 10 percent if you rent the whole house for a full week.

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