I’m not offering any advice to terrorists that they haven’t already considered.  We live in a part of the country where we depend on hydropower for electricity.  We live in a neighborhood where wildfires can wipe out hundreds of thousands of acres, and there are wide swaths of territory where bad people could hide and work under the radar.  Meanwhile, our rivals and enemies are attacking our Internet and computer infrastructure.

Our southern border is wide open and liberal cities are sending us their excess illegal immigrants, many of whom are of unknown origins.

I had a conversation with Twin Falls County Republican Chairman Tom Wangeman.  He shared that one of his grandfathers spent much of World War Two stamping out fires set by Japanese balloons.  These were floated on the Jetstream and threatened the Northwest.  Some campers, including children, were killed.  The weapons were unsophisticated.  Modern terrorists could do much worse with available technology.

How do we put an end to the threat, or minimize a series of attacks?  Let’s start by closing the border.  Let’s elect a government that takes the problem seriously.  Let’s be ever-vigilant when we're out in the backcountry.

I realize some American voters won’t budge.  Or not until we see a major catastrophe.  What a shame that so many bury their heads in the sand.

The world is a tinderbox at the moment in a figurative sense.  We need to ensure our beautiful country doesn’t become one literally.  My guess is we won’t respond until after the fact.

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