TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Funds were approved this week to fix damage to a Twin Falls street caused by a major water main break in 2021. Monday evening the Twin Falls City Council voted in favor of spending $188,253 to properly fix Shoshone Street near Rock Creek following the rupture of a mainline water pipe. The water line broke early in the morning flooding the street forcing its closure for several days.

Money to Repair Shoshone Street to Come from Water Reserve Fund

Engineers with the city informed the council the funds would come from the Water Reserve Fund to rebuild the section damaged by the waterline break between the Rock Creek Bridge and the railroad tracks. The break happened in February and required a quick repair to the water line and the street so it could be reopened as soon as possible. According to the staff report, the time of year, Idaho Transportation Department road standards (the street is part of State Highway 75), and winter conditions were reasons to delay a permanent repair so it could be designed properly. Below is a video from the February 2022 repairs that allowed the roadway to reopen:

Contractor will be Awarded Bid to Fix Shoshone Street

After meeting with a consulting firm the city issued a bid for the repairs in which the company Kloepfer Inc. responded  with the lowest at $144,809. City staff also asked that a 30 percent contingency be added to the budget for unknown costs, change orders, and other construction costs. The total approved came in at $188,253.

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