When we were growing up, some of us were probably told to never tattletale on others. We're told that it's a bad look and that it makes us weak like we can't deal with it.

Well, we have news for you: being a tattletale can also make you some cash.

Tattling = Reporting

Whether you call it tattling or reporting, if someone shouldn't be doing something, they just flat out shouldn't be doing it. And shoot - if you're gonna give us some cash to tell on someone for doing something they shouldn't be doing anyway? Let the games begin, baby!

Idaho Fish & Game is doing just that and for good reason: you're not supposed to shoot protected wildlife.

According to Idaho Fish & Game, there have been reports of "raptors and other protected wildlife" found shot in southern Idaho. It's as senseless as it sounds and can lead to a variety of issues.

"The southern Idaho desert becomes a popular area for recreational shooting during spring," they shared on their site.

"While most target practice is done by responsible gun owners, a concerning minority illegally kill protected wildlife."

Idaho Fish & Game points out that poaching can also lead to other crimes that involve "shooting signs and powerlines or other electrical equipment."

So, what should you do?

Time to tattle, baby, get that money! Idaho Fish & Game says that if you see someone shooting protected wildlife you should get as much info as you can about the people involved: what they look like, where the crime happened, the animals involved, etc.

Doing that could result in Idaho Fish & Game rewarding you with cash.

You can learn more about Idaho Fish & Game's cash reward system here.

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