We have been hearing speculation about Twin Falls potentially getting a Texas Roadhouse for years. At least as long as I have been here. So, is Texas Roadhouse really coming to Twin Falls?

A ton of people never believed we were ever going to get an Olive Garden, yet here we are with one.

However, we contacted their corporate office on June 20th, and as of right now they have no information about a Texas Roadhouse being built in Twin Falls. Now that doesn't mean that we aren't ever going to get one. The corporate office did say that I could call back each week for updates, which I plan on doing.

I don't want to speculate too much but it could be one of those things where they just don't have the paperwork finalized so it isn't "official" just yet. It looks like we are going to have to keep waiting for the delicious steaks served by line dancing servers and feel the crunch of the peanut shells under your feet.

We will keep you posted and keep contacting them. If we get one we will let you know.

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