Normally I hate when the trains make me stop on the south side of Twin Falls. Yesterday was an exception since I was the one who made myself stop and not the railroad crossing lights and drop-arms. We were heading to a friends house and my kids saw this train car with graffiti on it, but the graffiti was beautiful. My daughter and I had a conversation afterwards about whether graffiti is art, and normally I might argue that it isn't, but this job is clearly art.

What Graffiti Was on the Twin Falls Train Car?

My kids yelled in the car 'holy cow, did you see that picture of a lady on the train?!' and I assumed it was an inappropriate picture. Most of the time train-car tagging is words or names that don't make sense to me and the occasional questionable verbiage. This train car had the most beautiful and detailed painting of a lady I've seen on a car. Check it out below:

Train Car Graffiti credit Mackensie Griffith
Train Car Graffiti credit Mackensie Griffith

Who Painted the Train Car?

In a post on Facebook under the amazing photo  taken by photographer Mackensie Griffith, people are saying the artwork was done by Young Jarus. Young Jarus has artwork all over the world and this particular train car has been seen all around the United States as you can see in the comments on his Instagram.

Has Young Jarus Done Any Other Train Cars?

On the Instagram page of Young Jarus, you can see he has painted buildings and train cars. Below are some of the cars he has done:

Thanks to photographer Mackensie Griffith for sharing the amazing art with us.

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