An incident at the Twin Falls Outback Steakhouse caused the restaurant to shut down for a period of time. Thankfully, everyone was able to go home safe and one man was arrested.

The Twin Falls Police Department confirmed that they were called to Outback Steakhouse at about 6:45 p.m. Wednesday night where they made a single arrest for "malicious injury to property" because a man broke the front door of the restaurant. Police said it is still under investigation and they could not give me any details.

According to a witness, a masked man came into Outback and refused to take off the mask. The man began throwing knives and other things off tables and began threatening to kill the manager. The man then went into the kitchen and the masked man had to be forcibly removed from the kitchen by staff but he stayed in the lobby continuing to make threats. According to the witness, the man then smashed his head into the front door and broke the glass.

The witness then said the restaurant was put into lock down, the customers in the building were hidden and customers trying to come in were told to stay in their vehicles until police arrived.

The witness did say everyone went home safe and sound to their families after the man was arrested. One employee may have been hit with part of a knife but was not injured. The restaurant will be open today during normal business hours.

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