Do you remember when all cell phones had to update? There are no more analog cell phones working anymore. All TV broadcasts changed to a digital signal, and now everyone who isn’t streaming or cable has a digital receiver. Something else is changing.

Will Idaho Light Up on August 1st, or Stubbornly Plunge Into Darkness?

Evidently, there have been informational messages, announcements, and warnings about a new change, but it is still a surprise to me. Beginning Tuesday, August 1st, incandescent lightbulbs will be off store shelves. It will be illegal for them to be sold or manufactured. Owning them is okay, you just can't restock the supply.

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I’ve been converting our home slowly to LED as each incandescent bulb dies. While they are costly to purchase, the savings in electricity is substantial, some say by 75 percent. Supposedly LED bulbs last 25 times longer. I’m not rushing to change all the bulbs out before they go, but when the time comes, there won't be a choice as to how to replace them.

I could always switch to fluorescent. That seems like an interesting idea. I work under them all day. I need more fluorescents in my home. They make everything better. Changing out ballast is fun.

I’m concerned about holiday decorations. I have been buying LED strings of lights every year to update my decoration stash, but have by no means completed the process since the ones I’m getting are so much more expensive. No longer will the C9 or C6 be available for my classic strings of Christmas lights that are sitting in storage. Even if bulbs are interchangeable on your string, all the bulbs will have to be changed because nothing will match. Sigh.

If I had only known in November, I could have bought exponential numbers of colored incandescent holiday bulbs. I could make a killing this year on black market lightbulb sales. Not that I would do that because it would be illegal.

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