Reuters reported nobody won Powerball Saturday night. Estimates are that the total could end up over $1.3 billion by the time it's drawn again. Let's do some math, shall we? If you won that Powerball, you could buy the Perrine Bridge 31 times.

Here's how we came up with that number. According to Wikipedia, the Perrine Bridge cost $9,700,000 when it was completed in 1976. According to the inflation calculator of 3.70% for each year since then, that would put the 2016 value of the Perrine Bridge at approximately $41 million. Divide that by $1.3 billion and you learn that you can now have 31 Perrine Bridges.

What would you do with 31 Perrine Bridges? If you built statues of the Twins like the current bridge has nearby, you'd have 62 Twins. We did that math all by ourselves without a calculator.

Oh, and every BASE jumper in the world would love you.

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