If you were alive on September 13th, 1969, you were subject to the best moment in cartoon history. ‘Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!’ debuted on the CBS morning cartoon lineup. Life would forever be changed.

Now, you can remember the best cartoon ever, and make your own detective adventures come to life. We present to you: The Mystery Machine.

The Ultimate Mystery Machine

Who wouldn’t want to buy the most perfect piece of nostalgia-generating crime-fighting available? Everyone will want to be your friend after they get to hang out in the best van ever. It has a 318 motor 4 barrel, automatic transmission, and runs. The post says it’s been driven 1,000,000, but you may be able to check that out for yourself, it’s a quick trip to Rupert to see for yourself.

Mystery Incorporated Would Approve This Idaho Van

Travel through super spooky forests, or camp in your van down by the river in style. This baby has a table that converts into a bed, a TV, and DVD player. Not even Scooby and Shaggy had it so good. Maybe you can talk the seller into including the sunshade. You’ll probably have to get your own ascot for when you drive. It is important to keep the look intact.

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Every group of friends fit into the Scooby gang. Think of your current group of friends, or even the ones when you were all watching Scooby either originally or on reruns. Who’s your Daphne, Velma, Fred, Shaggy, or Scooby? If your group has a Scrappy-Doo, that is a bonus point. You also have our pity. Scrappy sucks.

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