Forget about Powerball, forget about the lottery. Your best chance to snag $1 million is right here. Bigfoot Project Investments is offering a bounty on the mythical Sasquatch. That’s right, a cool million bones to anyone who can provide intel on catching, or more importantly, delivering bigfoot.

The team they’ve put together will be searching in six states, including Idaho. The founder of the company Tom Biscardi told MSNBC that he has actually seen bigfoot seven times over the last 45 years but I'm not sure if he has any evidence, so I guess you should take that for what it’s worth.

You can take advantage of this Million Dollar opportunity until December 25th. Report your sightings here, and be careful of the fakes out there. Where do you think he's hiding? Here is some breathtaking video of Idaho's wilderness to inspire you.

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