Sweethearts Conversation Hearts are kind of like the Candy Corns of Valentine's Day. People buy a lot of them, eat even less, and enjoy them even less than that. Really, have you ever bought a bag of candy corn and actually finished it? At least with the conversation hearts it is usually in a small box so you aren't forced to eat as much.

Would you be sad if they disappeared from store shelves? I'm usually pretty sad when eggnog goes out of season - but it never impacts my life when the candy hearts go away. This year is actually going to be a bit different than previous years because the company (NECCO) that made the Sweethearts Conversation Hearts didn't make any new candies. If you do see any on the store shelves they are remnants from LAST YEAR!

If you have kids and need those darn convo hearts, you aren't out of luck. There are still other brands of them but Sweethearts was the most popular in years past. According to research from Candy Store, the NECCO brand was responsible for about 80 percent of conversation heart sales. So, if you need some sugar hearts you better get to the store before they sell out.

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