People visit Idaho year-round to see the various tourist attractions and if you live in Idaho you have probably been to most of them too. But, I have to admit that I haven't been to what could be the most Idaho of all the attractions: The Potato Museum in Blackfoot. Does that make me not actually Idahoan? Have you lived here for a long time and have you also never been to the Potato Museum? There's also a chance that I'm not missing anything by skipping that as a vacation stop since it was listed as the worst attraction in Idaho on Instagram.

Insta-user Mattsurelee asked his numerous followers to name the worst attraction in each state and the Idaho Potato Museum won/lost in Idaho. But it is worth noting that ratings on Trip Advisor give the museum a very respectable 4 Stars and rank it as the best thing to do in Blackfoot. I now think Blackfoot is a very sad place. I'm also surprised and happy that his users didn't vote the Shoshone Falls as the worst attraction. The falls get a lot of guff from visitors who come when the flows are low which doesn't seem fair since the Shoshone Falls are glorious when the water is roaring. In our recent poll about the various waterfalls around the Magic Valley, you guys voted the Shoshone Falls as the best.

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The falls aren't roaring right now, but lucky for us there is a lot to do in Twin Falls during the Falls season. Haunted houses and spooky mazes abound. Which is your favorite?

Best Waterfalls Of Southern Idaho

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