“He looks like he escaped a county jail,” was a comment from a studio guest.  I just pulled up U.S. Representative Mike Simpson’s official website.  He’s wearing some sort of polo and it does look a bit like the costumes worn by some fellow people you see in work detail along a southern Idaho highway.  A few minutes later, I was joined by a guest who would like to replace Simpson in Idaho’s Second District.  The latter guest told me Simpson wore something even more outrageous when recently addressing indigenous tribes. 

Simpson Appeals to Liberals

He may as well run for tribal council and forget Congress.  Republicans have bailed on him in large numbers ever since he proposed removing four dams on the lower Snake River.  The tribes like the idea.  They see an increase in the return of salmon.  Just about everyone else is disgusted because it’s going to mean higher prices for power and trouble shipping goods from Lewiston west.

Republicans Abandon Simpson

In an astounding turnaround, 30 Republican state legislators are now backing attorney Bryan Smith.  Simpson hasn’t filed for re-election, but Smith has raised a quarter-million dollars, and Primary Day is six months out.  It’s astounding because Smith is a long-time advisor to the Idaho Freedom Foundation.  Democrats rail against the IFF and Republicans aren’t exactly fans of the organization.

Smith challenged Simpson 7 years ago.  Times have changed and people migrating to Idaho in droves are generally closer politically to Smith than the incumbent.

If Simpson declines for another term, we’re likely to see some others present a challenge to Smith, but he has the advantage of a considerable head start.  He officially announced at the beginning of October.

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