I grew up in a small town outside of Las Vegas and this happened in my home town. A vehicle failed to turn to the right when a cop was driving with lights and sirens on down the highway. The results are devastating.

Check out this video, a local fast food restaurant caught the accident on their security camera. One vehicle pulled to the middle lane, a second vehicle was trying to turn left and apparently did not see the cop with the lights and sirens. The vehicle pulled right out in front of the police officer who was going incredibly fast.

There is a lot of speculation out about this video right now. Some say the vehicle that pulled over into the center lane is at fault because it blocked the view of the vehicle trying to turn left, others think it is the police officers fault for going too fast and most people are concerned why the vehicle turning left waited so long before pulling in front of the cop.

Injuries have been reported but we aren't sure of the extent yet. This is incredibly sad and can be avoided. Please, make sure you pull over to the right hand side of the road when you see an emergency vehicle. Better yet, turn your hazard lights on as well so people can see that too.

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