TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) Idaho citizens will head to the polls on Tuesday, November 8, to elect a new president and local leaders. If you haven't participated in early voting and plan to vote on Nov 8, here are some things you need to know before heading to the polls. 

First, make sure you are registered to vote. If you are not a registered voter, you can can fill out a voter registration card at your polling place on election day.

Second, find out where you need to vote. There are various polling places across the Magic Valley. Find the one that is in your neighborhood at this LINK.

Lastly, remember you need to present a photo ID or sign a Personal Identification Affidavit to vote. Here are the identification options given by the Office of Secretary of State of Idaho:

  • An Idaho driver’s license or Idaho photo identification card.
  • A U.S. passport or Federal photo identification card.
  • A tribal photo identification card.
  • A current student photo ID, issued by an Idaho high school or post secondary education institution.

For more information on what you may need to get an Idaho photo identification card, go to the Department of Transportation.

If a voter does not have an ID, they will be given the option to sign the Personal Identification Affidavit, which the voter swears to his or her identity.

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