Idaho State Police Investigates Officer-Involved Use of Force in Benewah County

The Idaho State Police (ISP) is conducting an investigation into a use-of-force shooting incident that occurred at a residence in Emida. The incident took place when deputies from the Benewah County Sheriff's Office attempted to arrest a male individual.

Incident Details

According to a press release from ISP, on Monday, June 24, deputies from the Benewah County Sheriff's Office were dispatched to a residence in the 60 block of S. Station Road in Emida. The deputies were attempting to locate and arrest a 33-year-old male who had an outstanding felony probation violation warrant. Upon arrival, the deputies contacted a female resident and proceeded to enter the home.

Shooting Incident

As the deputies approached a bedroom within the residence, a shot was fired from inside the room. Believing he was being fired upon, one of the deputies near the bedroom responded by discharging one round. Following a preliminary investigation, it is believed that the male subject died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was not struck by the deputy's bullet.

Investigation and Response

Given that the incident involved the discharge of a firearm by law enforcement, the Benewah County Sheriff's Office requested that the Idaho State Police conduct a thorough investigation. The ISP will lead the inquiry to ensure an impartial and comprehensive examination of the events.

Next Steps

The Benewah County Coroner's Office has taken custody of the deceased individual's body. The Coroner's Office will release the deceased's identity and determine the official cause and manner of death following further examination.

This investigation remains ongoing as the Idaho State Police continue to gather and analyze all relevant evidence.

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