Idaho definitely loves their guns. However, there are two more states who love them more.

According to a study that CBS news shared, the national average across the country is 29.1%. Idaho ranks third with 56.9% of the population owning a gun. As impressive as it is, both Arkansas (57.9%) and Alaska (61.7%) beat us out.

Rounding out the bottom of the list is New York at 10.3% of it's population, Rhode Island at 5.8% and Delaware at 5.3%.

As far as the surrounding states in Idaho, Oregon is ranked at 37th (26.6%), Washington is 34th (27.7%), Utah is 27th (31.9%), Nevada is 16th (37.5%), Montana is 6th (52.3%) and Wyoming is 5th (53.8%)

For a list of all the states ranked click here.

Are you surprised?

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