This is good news! Idaho does not have as big of a drug problem as many other states. In fact, the drug issues in Idaho is 48th meaning only 3 states are better off than we are if you include District of Columbia.

According to the new study by Wallethub, Idaho is ranked 48th for states with the worst drug problem. Now of course, Idaho has drugs, and that is a problem. But in the grand scheme of things we are doing pretty well. The study is based on teen drug users, teens offered drugs at school, adult drug users, Opioid prescriptions per 100 people, overdose deaths per capita, drug arrests per capita, drug treatment needs, drug facilities and people receiving treatment.

The states that fare better than Idaho when it comes to drug problems are Kansas, Hawaii and the best state is Minnesota. I find that very interesting. Maybe because Hawaii is so beautiful and so expensive people can't afford drugs?

The top 5 states with the worst drug problems are Missouri, West Virginia, Michigan, the District of Columbia and New Hampshire. I am actually not surprised by Missouri. I have family who live there and they say it can be pretty bad. Nevada is ranked 9th, Oregon is 13th, Washington is 35th, California is 40th and Utah is 46th.

It should at least make families feel a little better raising their children here. I know it would make me feel better.

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