Idaho and California are not the best of friends, and it is not a well-kept secret. Many Californians have been moving to Idaho through the years, and many in California enjoy Idahoans. On the other side, Idaho is not the biggest fan of California and wishes that its people would stay on the West Coast and out of the Gem State. This tension has been around for a while and has only gotten worse over time. Now is the time though for the tension to end, and for Idaho to finally embrace California and welcome them with open arms.

Why Idaho Hates California

Credit: Giulio Fornasar
Credit: Giulio Fornasar

For those that are new to Idaho, but have never lived in California, you may not know where the tension and hatred come from. With so many Californians moving to the state, it has upset many Idahoans and created tension and anger in the Gem State. There are a few reasons for this, with one being the difference in political stance. They also have driven up the housing market, increased traffic, and grown the population of towns that residents didn't want to see grow. Lastly, the biggest issue is different personalities. While some great people have moved from California to Idaho, many Idahoans view them as rude, mean, and selfish, and have concluded that all Californians are the same, which isn't the case. 

Idaho Needs to Embrace California

Credit: Rawpixel
Credit: Rawpixel

While the complaints above are justified, it is time to let the issues fall to the side and for Idaho to embrace California and its many residents becoming your neighbor. No matter how much anger and hatred you have for them, they aren't going anywhere and will continue to invade the state. They have helped the economy in the state, many nice ones positively contribute to society, and they have brought some new and exciting businesses into the state as well. They are likely one of the reasons that the Gem State now has an In-N-Out and other popular businesses that have moved into Idaho in the last couple of years. 

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While it is unlikely that Idahoans will welcome Californians with open arms, the hope is that things can become more civil and neighborly. Idaho will have to learn to coexist because it doesn't appear to be slowing down in terms of Californians moving to the Gem State. Give them a chance and see how things play out, and then you can be mad if they live up to the stereotype. Now is the time to embrace your new neighbors, coworkers, and new fellow residents of Idaho.

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