GARDEN CITY, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho man who made a ship in a bottle entirely out of Legos will see his design get mass-produced by the toy company.

Garden City resident Jacob Sadovich told Boise television station KIVI that he came up with the idea after building a miniature ship in a bottle using traditional materials. He puzzled over the design for a year before building the Lego version. He got so many compliments that he decided to submit the design to the Lego Idea website. His design got more than 10,000 votes from visitors to the website, so Lego is producing it into an actual set. The set is expected to hit store shelves sometime next year. In exchange for his design, Sadovich will get five copies of the set and one percent of the sales. Sadovich says he'll use the money to buy more Legos. See the full TV report

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