In a surprising turn of events Idaho has come in at the bottom of a list of states that love bacon!

The website for Ginny's analyzed bacon photos posted on Instagram, came up with the 50 States Of Bacon. They found that in Idaho we post 5% less bacon pictures than the national average. So we don't necessarily eat less bacon, we just don't post pictures of in online. Probably because we are too busy actually eating and enjoying it!

The state that really loves showing off their love of bacon is Nebraska and the least bacon loving state is Hawaii. I find that odd since Hawaii always comes up on the top of 'Happiest States' lists - but how can they be so happy without bacon? Maybe it is just too expensive?

I did learn from Ginny's that there is a great sounding bacon dish called the Idaho Sunrise that involves bacon and eggs in hollowed out baked potatoes.


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