This coronavirus pandemic has opened our eyes to the habits of people including how they think, act, and thanks to the internet we know all about their shortcomings. Thanks to Google data we know that people are still terrible at spelling. We don't have trouble with all the words but we all have trouble with some words. I've already misspelled three words in this story, but thanks to technology I was alerted to my errors and corrected them before you could read them.

In a tweet from Google Trends we found out that Idaho has trouble with a fittingly spooky word: eerie. Idaho is full of ghost towns and ghost stories. Some of our most famous tourist attractions are said to be haunted, so it makes sense that 'eerie' is a common word we use. The google map is full of other odd hard to spell words. Apparently in Virginia they don't know how to spell Virginia and Kansas has trouble with 'cook'. So we are clear, these are words they actually looked up how to spell.

You know how sometimes you are texting and you finish a sentence and look back at it to find that almost every word is wrong. Are you ever tempted to send it that way just because it is so ridiculous? I am tempted almost every time and sometimes I send the text with all the errors because that is the type of thing that brings me joy.

Since you are probably still curious about what words I had misspelled at the beginning of this story; those words were people (poeple), opened (openned), and spelling (speelling). Good news for me, I already knew how to spell the words...I'm just turrble at typing.

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